Mike Allen Performance

Performance Enhancement

One of the many services we offer at Mike Allen Services is performance enhancement for you vehicle. Whether this be through an ECU Remap or physical enhancements to engine , suspension or brakes of your vehicle. Our dedicated Performance team will be happy to discuss and offer advice.


Remapping your vehicle engine management system to obtain more power, higher torque and better fuel economy is a very common way of enhancing your vehicle. We will read the current data stored on your vehicles ECU and modify it to meet your desired requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Improved engine BHP
  • Higher engine torque at lower rev ranges
  • Reduced power flat spots
  • Improved fuel consumption.

Physical Enhancements

We offer a range of physical enhancements for Jaguar models and all other makes of vehicle. Supercharger upgrades are a popular choice for the Jaguar owners offering a 6% or 10% increase in supercharger speed. Other performance enhancements include Cold air induction systems , bespoke exhaust modifications and high flow induction systems.  Couple this with our 3 stage remapping you can really see some gains in performance.